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If God Was Real…

Welcome to the reality

Our mentality is our fatality

And dont call me a fucking nihilist

I’m a realist. Does God really exist?


Look outside yourself, look at the bloody sheets.

Its all filth. In our souls and in our streets.


And you can see the desperation in their eyes.

7 billion maggots wriggling in their lies.

It’s a grandiose disguise.


Do you think that God is good?

Do you think he gives a fuck, like he should?

Do you hope that maybe once he could

give a shit?


Let me take you to a place where we cant see our own face.

Let me take you to this place where we are all a common race.

Vermin. Cattle. Virus. Disease.

Only in this space to cause pain and decease.


You don’t matter more than matter.

You wont get to heaven, even with a ladder.

Cause heaven is hell,

The devils instrument is the church bell.


Can you not see? Are you not learning?

This is all burning.

We are all watching paradise burn in our eyes.

We came too late, it’s Eden’s demise.


Billions of people still believe, they persist.

They still think God exist.

So, do you think that God is real?

Look at the world, and tell me, how does that feel?


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